May 28, 2012

In Memorial

This memorial day has got me thinking about all the people past and present that serve our country.  I recently visited my sister, Cassi, in Georgia. Her husband, Kelly, is in the middle of his second tour of duty in a year with the Air Force. With Kelly gone, Cassi keeps herself plenty busy raising her toddler Daphne. Daphne is precocious, smart (thanks to her mommy) and knows how to melt your heart.

It was so good to see my sister and her day to day life. In addition to looking after Daphne, she is devoted to occupying herself with meaningful activities, very little which benefit herself. From leading the 12-18 year-old young women in her church congregation, to keeping up her garden; she fills each day that Kelly is gone. I especially enjoyed the enriching conversations, the gymnastics, the traditional boarding house styled lunch and the nighttime movies.

Picture her saying, "more?" in the cutest
most wheedling tone.

Mother and daughter getting ready together
Daphne survey's her pigtails in the mirror

Sister, Sister
NCAA nationals, seeing this live was so worth it.

A traditional boarding house lunch. Yes, that is a plate of
cobbler and fried chicken.


Lisa Hakes said...

i'M SOO glad you got to stay with Cassi! Come for the baby - I'll be there and maybe Kalli!

Lisa Hakes said...

I'm sooo glad you got to be with Cassi - come for the baby - I'll be there and maybe Kalli too!