Jan 29, 2009

Across the Universe

I listened to this again today and now these lovely verses are stuck in my head:
Thoughts meander like 
a restless wind inside a letter box
they tumble blindly as they 
make their way across the universe
Limitless Undying love which
shines around me like a million suns
it calls me on and on across the universe

Jan 19, 2009


Its been a little while since I've written. I can blame that mostly on christmas, family, friends, the second season of 30 Rock, and this new addition to my school supplies:
Granted, you might say that this would give me more opportunities for blogging, but in reality it hasn't. Instead I've had my fill of old gymnastics meets on youtube, updates from this year's Sundance, facebook and gmail chatting, and frequent visits to imdb, wikipedia and hulu. 
What have I learned? Technology isn't bad, but it definitely allows one to vegetate for several hours at a time. Also (gathered from frequent visits to these sites), I've realized that most people have accomplishments. And I started to worry a little bit whether or not I have many, or whether I've nurtured the ones that I do have enough. So, inevitably I started thinking and this thinking led to thoughts like "be a doer, not a watcher, Carrie." So consequently I started making a list in my head of all the things I would like to try doing with my spare time from now on. I guess we could call these things 'resolutions' although I think new years resolutions are finicky (I have about six journals with previous lists that were never got to or were never again thought of). But this time I'm trying to make realistic goals for myself that I really want to try. So here is what i came up with:
1. Start playing the piano and singing again
2. Make an effort to have more quality time with friends/family members
3. Write more. Ideas and thoughts for characters and stories go through my head a lot, but getting them down has been a challenge. Ironically I write best during class when I get tired of listening to lectures. 
4. Watch more quality TV and films (not just re-renting Hairspray, Curly Sue, etc.)
5. Read more frequently. I just finished "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and I highly recommend it!
6. Make a movie for our film festival coming up.
7. Start taking pictures again.
What are your New Years resolutions?