Feb 21, 2012

Christmas, New York City etc etc

More pictures! Life! Love! Happiness!

Faneuil Hall all decked out for Christmas

The Nutcracker was very, very good. With roomates
Erica and Aubrey.

Christmas Eve morning walk in the snow in Las Cruces.

Apparently midnight mass starts at 11:00pm! Oh
well, there's always next year.

 My darling roomate Erica purchased us tickets on Megabus to New York City in January.

Right before we saw "War Horse"

Cutting across central park to get to the museum of art

A couple of icy miles later, I arrived to find it
had just closed.
Museum of art. I will conquer you some day.

Waiting to watch Tosca at the Metropolitan Opera

No sign of Kenneth

everybody dance!

Brighton Gustatory adventures

This is what a day of counseling feels like

Found a Sonic 30 miles from
Diet Cherry Limeade, so good.
When I feel best; after teaching a zumba class.