Oct 1, 2009

For tash

Its been a little while since I've been on here. I'm sure all five or six of you who read this have missed my attempts at being clever and witty. I wish I could update you all with interesting tidbits about love and life but I've pretty much been studying, working and sleeping. Oh, I must mention I got to go to Dallas two weeks ago with Kimball to see President Uctdorff. He is surprisingly tall and surprisingly a fan of Harry Potter as he quoted Dumbledore in his talk. Joe and Katy were excellent hosts and have the very cutest kids. Lately I've been a bit busy trying to nurse my immune system back to health. I went to the doctor about a month ago after feeling like crap for a week (high fever, throat pain, exhaustion). As it turns out I didn't have mono, but a mono-like illness. What is that? I have no idea. I wonder if the doctor made up the term on the spot to make me feel better. But I haven't been feeling better; at that time or for almost a month since. I'm tired all the time (and I'm usually an energetic person), fever on and off, and throat pain. Cami, my big sister had mono in highschool. I remember her sleeping a lot. When I found out what I had I texted her to ask what she felt like. She said: "I felt like crap all the time!" This is what your tonsils look like with mono:
The good news is I'm feeling better.