Sep 7, 2010


A few weeks ago, I had to do a work training in South Carolina
for a week. Since Cassi and Kelly only live a few hours away,
they came up to Charleston on Thursday and stayed for the
night. On friday we drove back to their house so I could stay
with them for the weekend. Daphne was a bit sleepy after the
trip, but she managed to coo at me and Cassi for a second on the

Friday we ate lunch together in Charleston and then drove 
back to Georgia, with Daphne setting the style standard.

Saturday we hit the Peach packing plant where you get 
to see how they package the delicious peaches that Georgia 
is famous for. I had some yummy peach soft serve and peach 

Cassi had some butter pecan soft serve that was to die for.

At the peach packing plant cafe

Later Saturday we went to the "Fish n' Pig" restaurant to try 
some authentic southern cuisine, including grilled alligator.

it tastes like chicken!
I noticed when I was carrying Daphne around that people 
give you ALOT of attention. As in..."Oh look at the baby!" 
"How old is she?" I bet that makes parents feel a little boost, 
especially after all the sleepless nights. 

Sunday I went to a YSA ward in Atlanta. Atlanta is HUGE! 
It competes with Phoenix in size. Except, everything is 
green and lush. After church Kelly made German food he used 
to eat on his mission. Then Cassi and I went for a walk around
 her neighborhood. It was a super relaxing weekend, and I had 
a great time with the Woods!