Apr 24, 2011

Excerpts from London...

I was going through my journal from my London study abroad in 2005 recently and was reminded of so many fun experiences that I had forgotten about. Here are some of the excerpts:

May 2, 2005: En route to the airport

"This is going to be a fun little book for me to give details on our first adventure abroad. There'll be a lot of silliness and maybe a few serious moments. Plenty of giggles, beatles-jokes, and beautiful cinema galore."

May 4, 2005:

"I slept funny last night. Tash said I talked in my sleep and slept-walked.

May 9, 2005:

"The 'Big Red One' was fabulous...I cried slightly at the end-it was moving. As we came out underneath the Thames bridge a man was playing Borodin's 'Polovtsian Dances' on his saxophone. The sun was setting. It was a beautiful memory."


"Our church is AWESOME...I will play the piano in the primary ("That's the best calling in the church" said Dean D.) and teach the 4-7 year olds."

May 14, 2005:

"..we enjoyed 'punting' today. A Cambridge activity in which one sits in a boat and is gondoliered through the Cambridge river by a young scruffy Briton. Ours was rather scruffy and delicious. Tasha found herself wandering after him, but alas, he was not to be found."

May 20, 2005:

"Rowing on Friday was probably the most hilarious experience ever- horizontal rain, almost beaching ourselves, Hayley's cursing and Mimi's pirate impression."


Lake District Highlights:
The hike and discussion in the rain
The lake tour
Nighttime strolls and ducks
"Elleray Pub- Good company and fun- Cheers!"
Finding out we're related to Caitlin and Drew Duncan-cool! (Juarez, Turley)

May 22, 2005:

"We went to a pub to watch the FA final Arsenal vs. Manchester. The quality of the pub was 'Good drinks, good food and wicked atmosphere.'"

May 23, 2005:

"Feeling a wee bit overwhelmed. Funny because after our lunch we all resigned to naps in our flats."

June 1, 2005:

"Here we are at breakfast in Paris. Yesterday was a blurry baguette-full whirlwind of: Champs-Elysees, The Arc D'Triumph, The Eiffel Tower, a boat tour, Notre Dame, Dinner and bed!

June 3, 2005:

"Well my second day in Paris was great for different reasons than the first. Mainly: we weren't as rushed. There was a bit of moseying at breakfast. We consumed our 12 pieces of bread at the speed of sloths...

"Finally we found the hospital museum. Three words describe it: Stifling, deserted, underwhelming. It had great potential for 'leper shrouds' as Hayley said."


"Today was Versailles. The best thing was getting lost in the garden's beauty."

June 15, 2005:

"I basically spent the whole day roaming around the flat trying to finish 'Kim.'"

"Sara came up and we all bonded on Hayley's bed with jokes and Percy Pigs."

"Sunday school was a wreck. I chased Earle around the whole building and was surprised at his speed...I took a knee to talk to him about reverence...then there was a closing song and goodbyes...we walked out...it was a whirlwind of faces, flowers, roses, red brick, green, breezes, pink cars and a train whistle. And that was the end of church in London."

"Despite the threat of finals which we all pretended to be conscious of, we strolled to class. It's just not the situation to take it seriously in."

"Me, Rochelle, Mimi and Tash spent a lot of time in the flats together those last days. Just sitting and talking quietly or thinking. After Bresson's 'Pickpocket' was Indian food at Gideon's flat. Me and Rochelle were greeted by an Indian-attired Gideon at the door...We left to take flat photos and turned in. Got up the next day and made our journey ready. Mimi got pastries and we all sat in our room quietly. The goodbyes didn't really need to be said because we all felt it."